How to Organize Files on Your Hard Drive

This lesson is a quick guide to how to set up your file structure on your computer’s hard drive. While you may not have many files as you begin your business, you will soon accumulate a lot of content that includes audios, videos, documents, and graphics that you use in your products, courses, presentations, etc.

Starting now, use the examples shown in this video to create an organized system for this content so you can easily locate it in the future. This is one strategy you will appreciate when you need a piece of content quickly and know exactly how to find it, versus searching through the hundreds of files on your hard drive and you cannot find it.

I know this is not a topic that anyone else teaches but it is one of the little things that will save you time, effort, and frustration in the future. It’s something I learned while managing large projects with hundreds of files in my tech days, and since I have written thousands of articles and have thousands of files on my hard drive, I needed to keep them organized or I would have a huge mess and would never be able to find anything.

Use the worksheet as an example of how to set up your file structure and use it to save every file in the correct place so you can retrieve it quickly and easily.