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Welcome to the GPS Business Academy 90 Day QuickStart Program. On this page you will see links to all of the program modules in the order in which you’ll have access to them. If you don’t see any content on a page, it’s because it is not yet available to you.  Each module builds on information learned from previous modules, so we want to ensure that you follow the program content in the correct order or you may not understand a module because you do not have the foundation for that knowledge. 

You will begin with the ‘High Vibes Wealth’ assessment so you establish the parameters for your revenue and profits to create a business that supports your life and lifestyle.

I am here to support you and your business, so let’s get started. Just click on the link in the High Vibes Wealth module to begin.

Jennifer Hoffman

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The Call Schedule and Recordings page contains information about upcoming training and coaching calls and call recordings.

CLICK HERE to access the Training and Coaching  Calls module, to learn about upcoming calls and download your call recordings.

The BEST Tips page contains ‘business best practices’ you can use to fine tune your business methods and processes.

CLICK HERE to access the BEST Tips page and check it regularly as new tips are added weekly. 

Your first step is to define your High Vibes Wealth model, establishing how much money you need to make to support your life, lifestyle, and your business. I won’t talk to you about a ‘six figure business’ but I will help you decide how much money your business needs to make so you are ‘rich, happy, and successful’.

CLICK HERE to access the High Vibes Wealth module, you will do this first so you know exactly how much you need to earn in your business.

Module 1 – Business Basics

Module 1 covers business basics, naming your business, legal issues, how to choose the best business entity, defining your products and service,s as well as a wealth of business and technology resources.

CLICK HERE to access Module 1

Module 2 – Your Website

In Module 2 you’ll develop the look and feel and content for your website. You’ll learn about domain name registration, finding a hosting provider, and how to hire a web developer or do it yourself. I also provide resources for free services if you choose that path.

CLICK HERE to access Module 2 – Website Basics

Module 3 – Newsletters & Autoresponders

In Module 3 we cover newsletters and autoresponders, so you can create the systems to connect to and communicate with your customers and clients. I’ll provide you with a variety of options to choose from and show you how to create a newsletter and an autoresponder using a newsletter system.

CLICK HERE to access Module 3

Module 4 – Products & Services

In Module 4 you will create your products and services, these are the source of your business revenue. You will learn about how to create a variety of products and how you can deliver them to your customers. I’ll show you how to create an audio product, an ebook, a video product, and an on-line course. When you have finished this module you will have your first product ready for sale.

CLICK HERE to access Module 4

Module 5 – Revenues & Profits

In Module 5 we talk about sales and how you bring money into your business. You’ll learn about shopping cart systems and how to choose one, how to use Paypal, how to create a workable, sustainable revenue model and how to keep good financial records, an essential aspect of any business.

CLICK HERE to access Module 5

Module 6 – Marketing & Promotion

In Module 6 you will learn how to market your business, products, and services and how to promote using my trademark 3 step system that takes the mystery out of marketing and the panic out of promotion. We will discuss various  marketing methods, including newsletters, autoresponders, and launches.

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Module 7 – Schedules and Calendars

In Module 7 you will learn how to schedule your marketing, promotions, launches, and offers, and create a revenue schedule so you have a steady stream of money coming into your business. We will cover calendars and how to automate your appointment scheduling, with suggested tools and resources to make this process easy for you.

CLICK HERE to access Module 7

Module 8 – Social Media

In Module 8 you will learn how to set up and use social media accounts, focusing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. I’ll teach you how to use Facebook pages, groups, and communities so you can build your audience and your business.

CLICK HERE to access Module 8

Module 9 – Video Marketing

Video marketing is an easy and inexpensive way to engage your audience and get them interested in your products and services. I make some of the most popular videos on the internet with engagement rates of over 300% and my audience loves them. I’ll show you how to create videos, explain concepts using props (one of my areas of expertise), and connect with your audience in a powerful way.

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The Bonus Training module features two trainings:

  1. How to Conduct a Webinar where you will learn the tools, resources, content management, presentation, and marketing that you will need to conduct your own webinars.
  2. How to Conduct Client Sessions and Coaching – this covers appointment types, pricing, scheduling, placing the calls, and recording.

CLICK HERE to access the BONUS TRAINING Module

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