Video Marketing Part 3 – Sharing & Distribution

Examples of My Use of Visual Aids or Props

I introduced visual aids, or props, in my videos because I am a visual learner, I learn better when I see something than when I am told something, and most people are like that. I also remember what I see and so will your audiences. Here are some links from my YouTube channel that contain examples of how I use props.

the famous ‘magic spatula’   click here

I use tulle fabric to describe ‘the veil’  click here 

Here I use different size hammers to ‘make a point’  about forgiveness   click here

I use some sweet potatoes to talk about different ascension paths   click here

You can find more examples on my YouTube page, which is where these videos are located. Look around and I hope these inspire you to use normal, everyday items to help you create great videos that are informative, motivational, and memorable.


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