Start Here – Module 6

In Module 6 we cover the strategies and tactics for your marketing and promotions. If you have completed the previous modules you have

  • your business policies in place,
  • your domain name and website ready for viewing,
  • your newsletter and email service account set up,
  • you have at least one service or information product ready to sell, and
  • you know your revenue and profit numbers.

If you have not yet completed all of these steps don’t worry, just continue to keep working on them. Meanwhile in Module 6 we’re going to look at the 3 types of marketing:

  • information marketing
  • promotional marketing
  • sales marketing

and we’ll cover list building, launches, and how to make sales. We covered the foundational tactics in Modules 1 to 4 and now you will see how that foundation will support your marketing and promotions so you can generate sales.


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