Setting Your Priorities

This video addresses the priorities in your business, which begins with how you prioritize the time you have for yourself, your family, your fun, and free time. You will also set your workday hours, weekly, monthly, and annual time off. 

Scheduling Your Work Week

Managing your time during the week, which includes time you work and time away from the office, prevents overwork and burnout. In this worksheet you will plan your work week and the different things that includes — office hours, availability hours, work days, work time, your time, and time you do not work. 



Click here for your work week worksheet and this includes a sample of my current work week and how my time is divided.

Click here for a blank daily worksheet to establish your daily work hours.

To download the worksheet, RIGHT mouse click the link and choose ‘save link as’, then save it to a folder on your hard drive. MAC users control+click. If you’re on non-computer device, use your device-specific instructions for downloads.

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