Protect Your Ideas with NDAs

In this video you will learn about another important legal document, the Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA. If you are discussing original inventions, ideas, or plans for your business and want to ensure that someone does not use them have them sign an NDA before you begin talking.

The sample document provided here protects your intellectual property from being used by others for their own benefit. Use the sample provided for your business (be sure to put your name and business details in the appropriate places) and if someone won’t sign it, don’t talk to them. Be sure to keep copies for your business records.

CLICK HERE to download a Word document sample Non-Disclosure Agreement you can copy for your business. If you have specific technology or a unique product be sure to get legal advice to ensure that your NDA provides adequate protection. 

To download the worksheet, RIGHT mouse click the link and choose ‘save link as’, then save it to a folder on your hard drive. MAC users control+click. If you’re on non-computer device, use your device-specific instructions for downloads.

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