How to Create Audio Files

This section features 3 parts — 

  • Part 1 :  Audio file basics and what you will need to create your audio files
  • Part 2:  Create an audio file using a headseat and audio recording software like Audacity.
  • Part 3:  Create an audio file using a recording service like AudioAcrobat.

Equipment you will need is a headset with a microphone, click here to purchase the one I suggest, or you can purchase any model of your choice that includes a microphone and USB plug for your computer.

Audio File Basics and Guidelines

This is part 1 of the Create an Audio File series and you learn the basics of audio files, what you will need to create your audio file, and some guidelines to audio file content and naming your files.

Create an Audio File with Audio Recording Software

In this video you will learn how to create an audio file using audio recording software, audacity is used as an example. Your computer may have audio recording software, audacity is a free product that is easy to use and what I use for all of my audio files.

Audacity is available as a free download for PC and MAC at

Create Audio using Audio Recorder Service

In this video you learn how to use an audio recorder service, AudioAcrobat, as an option to record audios and more importantly, to send secure audio download links to your customers. You can view AudioAcrobat at this link and set up an account. They offer a 30 day free trial.


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