Backup Your Business Data

Your business data includes all of your files, content, and business records. What do you do if you lose them due to a computer crash, fire, or other disaster? If you don’t have a backup policy in place, a single incident such as a hard drive crash could result in the loss of all of your business data if you are not regularly backing up your data to a cloud service, an external hard drive, or flash drives.

This video discusses why it is so important to regularly back up your computer, meaning daily incremental backups as well as weekly total backups, so you have several copies of your business data that you can easily access and copy to a new computer in the event of an accident or other catastrophe that wipes out your computer and its data.

Click here to download your ACTion worksheet for computer backups.

To download the worksheet, RIGHT mouse click the link and choose ‘save link as’, then save it to a folder on your hard drive. MAC users control+click. If you’re on non-computer device, use your device-specific instructions for downloads.

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