You begin your business journey with the first thing you need to do when you start any business, know how much money you need to make to support your life, your lifestyle, and your business. Would you ignore the salary if you were applying for a job? Of course not, you would have to be sure the salary was enough to meet your needs. 

So why would you pick a random number for your income, or no number, when you are starting your business because to plan pricing, marketing, and your business activities you need to know how much money you need to earn as the first step in starting your business. This is what you will do in the High Vibes Wealth Module. It’s fun and the results just might surprise you.

High Vibes Wealth Module 1

In the first Module of the High Vibes Wealth training we are going to look at what it means to be wealthy, your wealth debt, and the energy and vibration of being ‘rich, happy, and successful’.

As you watch the video, use the talking points to answer these questions in your own life. What does being rich, happy, & successful mean to you?

CLICK HERE to download your worksheet for Module 1


High Vibes Wealth Part 2 – Show Me the Money

In part 2 of the High Vibes Wealth program you discover your own High Vibes Wealth numbers, beginning with identifying the amount of your ‘money needs’ and considering your ‘money wants’, the difference between your living expenses and your happiness expenses. Some new concepts for you to consider are the difference between having enough and having plenty. 

Have you been tolerating ‘getting by’ and are you now ready to have plenty of everything, in amounts that overflow, with a lot of extra?

And I talk about the myth of the ‘6 figure business.’ It is a myth and has no relevance until you put an actual 6 figure number in place, one that is relevant to you. Now you’re ready to plan your business revenues because once you know how much money you need to make to maintain your life and your lifestyle, you need to add in the cost of running your business.

CLICK HERE to download your worksheet for Module 2

High Vibes Wealth Part 3 — Business Revenue, Expenses & Profits

Now we address your business money needs, these are your expenses that represent the costs of maintaining your business. The simple business profit formula is Profit = Revenue – Expenses.  You must earn more than you spend to be profitable and stay in business.


We look at 3 areas of costs, equipment and supplies, services, and marketing. Then we add those costs to your High Vibes Wealth number from Part 2, add a 30% cushion so you always have available funds, and you’ll know what your business needs to make and the level of sales you need so your business can be profitable, successful, and meet all of your business, life, and lifestyle needs.

CLICK HERE to download your worksheet for module 3

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the most important aspect of your business, which is to set your personal income and business profit baseline. Now you know how much you need to make to have the business, life, and lifestyle you want so let’s start creating your business.

Click here to access Module 1 — Business Resources

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