Energy Purpose & Soul training is designed to keep you aligned with the energy you need to be successful in your business, to help you stay on purpose with your success goals, and to maintain a grounded soul energy so you continue your forward momentum. Each of these short audios feature energy exercises on topics that are important to maintain your state of energetic congruence and elevate the energetic vibration and frequency you need to expand your energy to have the life, lifestyle, and business that brings you joy.

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Confidence is one aspect of success but we are rarely ever fully confident when we begin a new task or endeavor. We may start out with confidence but doubt quickly arises. And that can be a good thing because doubt shows you where your fears are and once you honor your fears and transform the doubt they create into confidence, you have released important limiting factors that can block your success.


Have you ever procrastinated even though you knew you should finish something? Have you ever avoided trying new things because you were afraid to fail or to be judged or criticized? This EPS lesson is about C.R.A.P., which stands for Conditioned Response and Procrastination and it explains why you can fear success and avoid finishing your projects because you fear negative consequences. But there is a solution as you will learn in this video and figure out how your C.R.A.P.  is limiting your life and how you can turn your consequences into rewards.

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Motive, Motivation & Purpose

Your motive is the reason you do anything in life. Your motive for starting your business is your reason for wanting to share your message, solution, process, products, and transformation with the world.

Your  motivation is how you turn your motive into action. It must be specific (i.e. a desire to ‘heal the world’ is too general and doesn’t address your specific motive). Your motivation must be what you ‘want’ to do rather than what you ‘should’ do.


Your purpose reflects what you want to achieve, the outcomes you want, for yourself and for your client. It must accurately reflect your responsibility vs your customer’s responsibility, and have reasonable and achievable expectations for yourself and for your clients and customers.

There is a worksheet for this video, click here to download the worksheet.


What does being successful mean to you? To create success that is meaningful, valuable, and significant to you, your definition of success must be established. In this video and worksheet you are going to create your own definition of success so you can create that vision for your business. And you also need to decide whether you will allow your critics to block your success so you stay aligned with your vision for your business.

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