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In this section you will find information for two bonus trainings which will be offered the week of November 27 and December 4, details to follow:

BONUS TRAINING 1:  How to conduct a webinar, including resources and services for hosting your webinar, setting up the webinar, content and format, delivery, and marketing

BONUS TRAINING 2:  How to conduct live client sessions, readings or coaching, how to schedule, conduct your sessions, get payment before you deliver the session (very important), and recording sessions. 

I will share the resources that I use in my business with you, so you can have tools that will help you run these aspects of your business efficiently, productively, and profitably. You’ll receive emails about these upcoming trainings and the details will be posted here and on the Calls and Schedule page. 


In BONUS Training 1 you’ll learn all about how to conduct a webinar, from choosing your platform to delivering the broadcast. You have both a video and a 1 hour audio presentation with worksheet.


You can view the Webinar training webinar replay and download the audio file at the link below. A worksheet is also included with this webinar, be sure to download it as well.

To access the Webinar Training replay/download page, click the link below or copy/paste it in your browser URL field:

click here for the Webinar Training worksheet.

In this video you learn about appointment scheduling software — why you should be using it, what it is, and how it works. Scheduling by email or phone is a waste of your time and energy, and it’s inefficient. You’ll learn how to choose an appointment scheduling product that fits your business and how I use this in my business. One very important item covered here, do not take client appointments unless you have already been paid — you do not have the resources or time to chase after money and it’s bad for your business. Use an appointment scheduling system, have customers pay you before they confirm their appointment and let the appointment system send confirmations and manage your appointments so you can focus on delivering your advice, transformation, and support.

Click here for the worksheet for this lesson.

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