In the BEST Tips module you will learn ‘best business practices’ to apply to your business. The topics presented here provide an additional level of information that answers many business questions. If you have a topic for a BEST Tip please email it to

Is it a Task or a Project?

One way to avoid overwhelm in your business is to avoid confusing tasks and projects.For example, creating your website is a project that includes many smaller tasks. It is not something you can do in one hour. As you are building the foundation for your business, be clear on what is a project and a task, so you keep moving forward one step at a time rather than getting tired and frustrated because you are trying to do too much in one step and you get nothing done.

How Often Should you Email your List?

In this BEST Tip we’ll look at how often you should email your list which depends more on how you want to set this up, how you decide to manage and market to your list, and how much time and effort you want to expand.  

Best Ways to Get Images for your Business

Using images on your website, your free gift, ebooks, products and social media sites is a great way to add interest but you must ensure you are using images that are free to use and copyright and royalty free. In this video I show you my favorite image site,, and how to search for and download images, as well as images you must avoid using unless you pay for them, so you avoid copyright extortion in the future. 

Resources mentioned in this video are for images.

How to Create a Memorable Package of Your Products

I bought some organic, handmade skin cream at a local art fair and was so impressed by the vendor’s packaging. They included everything that would allow me to become a repeat customer and I share that information with you in this video. If you sell products and want to ensure your customer can become a loyal, repeat buyer, you’ll find a great example of how to do that in this video.

Resources mentioned in this video are for packaging supplies.

How to Create Graphic Images For your Business

Graphics are a wonderful way to share information but how do you create those images you see on social media, websites, and in newsletters? You can hire a designer to create them for you or create them yourself. In this video I show you how to use Canva, a graphic design application, to create your own graphics. Whether you want to create beautiful facebook images, an ebook cover, an image for your program, or a letter, card, or new business cards, you can find all of those resources and more on canva.

Resources mentioned in this video are

Think about Learning Styles

In this BEST training video you will learn about an important consideration when developing courses, programs, services, and classes and that is individual learning styles. This is how students approach learning, process information, and how much support and help they want from you. You should be aware of this difference so you can adjust your programs and services accordingly.


There are 3 basic learning styles:

  1. The independent, self starting and motivated pioneer who wants the basics and move on at their own pace
  2. The person who wants some guidance and support and need a group environment to feel they are not doing this alone
  3. and the person who wants full hand-holding, individual guidance and support.

Providing a variety of learning levels in your programs and courses will help you widen your appeal and increase your participation rates because you will be offering something that appeals to everyone’s individual learning style. 

Customer Service

This BEST tip addresses the important issue of customer service, a vital component of your business and one that can be difficult to navigate. Dealing with unpleasant, rude, or fraudulent customers is not pleasant but it can happen and you must address issues according to your standard business practices and be willing to release difficult customers. 

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