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Business Training with Jennifer Hoffman
The Congruent Business Expert™ and Cash Flow Catalyst

The only business training resource created and taught by an experienced business expert providing the advice, resources, and training you need to start, manage, and expand your business. Everyone from the new entrepreneur to the experienced business owner will find what they need to

  • start, expand, or grow a business
  • learn how to build a cash flow to profit revenue stream
  • learn new skills and techniques to connect with customers,
  • build market, promotions, sales and revenue generating programs
  • expand their revenue and profit systems,
  • explore new lines of business, and
  • implement rational business practices to achieve new levels of reach, growth, and customer connection

Jennifer offers a variety of options for every entrepreneur, choose the one that meets your business acumen, objectives, goals, purpose, and success needs.

 A Philosophy for Business Success

Our business philosophy is simple, to provide business training and services that create congruence between marketing, sales, communications, profits, and success. We achieve this by helping our clients create cash flow based, profitable, manageable businesses without marketing focused hype and expensive coaching programs. Anyone who focuses on marketing disguised as business training over methodologies and processes shows a lack of business knowledge and expertise. These strategies are often limited to a single product or service that adds little value to your business or your customers and it is not focused on the most important aspect of your business – your cash flow.

We don’t believe that constantly raising your rates is a sound business policy. It may create revenues in the very short run but it’s a great way to alienate your customer base and lose customers when you price yourself out of their budget.

We hold ourselves and our students and graduates to a high standard of ethics, honesty, transparency, and procedure. That’s why we also teach from a ‘best practices’ perspective that includes basic business process and procedures as part of our offerings and ensure that our students  operate their business in an ethical manner.

We focus on the whole business so what you learn expands your confidence, skills, and knowledge, while providing a broader base of products and services to your customers which creates long term relationships and more sustainable, long term flows of active and passive revenues.



If you require more focused and personalized help coaching and consulting services are available here. We look at time in business, revenue level, industry, and projections to determine which package and level are best for you, so you aren’t wasting your time listening to coaching designed for beginners which doesn’t meet your needs or answer your unique objectives which are how to expand into an empire level, not how to begin a business.

Cash Flow to Profit Club

The Cash Flow to Profit Club is the foundation program offering a full suite of advice, resources, and training to start a business. Included are our proprietary programs, like the GPS 90 Day QuickStart Program, High Vibes Wealth™ , the YES™  model for identifying your story, message, and purpose, Cash Flow Platform™ and our EPS Marketing System™.   All of the tools required to start your business, create your Cash Flow Map, mailing list and create revenue generating products and services, begin marketing, onboard resources to manage and automate your processes, establish sales, and launch your products and services. 12 month program priced affordably for the startup entrepreneur.

Growth Master Mind Coaching

The Growth Master Mind is for the established business owner at the $250K+ in annual revenues. With this program you will explore and expand into additional markets and services. You have access to the resources in the Cash Flow to Profit Club with focused coaching and individual mentoring with Jennifer with a focus on marketing, systems, sales growth, and establishing your authority.

This is a 12 month coaching program with quarterly live meetings, semi-monthly Q&A and teaching calls following the Cash Flow to Profit Program curriculum. This includes our unique Cash Flow to Profit Audit and Congruent Business Model assessment.

12 month commitment at $495 a month

Empire Master Mind

The Empire Mastermind is for the business owner who has at least $500K in annual revenues, is established in their business,  and is ready to explore growth and expansion strategies to establish their empire.

Access to all of our proprietary training with a focus on strategic partnerships, new ventures, and expansion.

Quarterly live events plus a private retreat with Jennifer, private phone access to Jennifer, weekly communications & Q&A calls, advanced business, success, and soul training to maintain strategy & soul congruence as you reach new heights in personal wealth and empowerment.

12 month commitment at $995 a month

Master Classes and Courses

Master classes offer focused training on a specific topic so business owners can get the training they need in specific areas. The Master Classes are available outside of any coaching programs so access to these important topics is available to everyone, not just students in programs or coaching. If you need additional coaching after you have taken a master class you can choose from among the programs available here. Click on the image to learn more about the program and to register for these self study learning and growth opportunities.

The STRATEGY Channel

In the GPS Business Systems Strategy Channel you focus on what it takes to manage your business – from strategies to planning to tactical action — this is what creates the stable foundation for your business planning and the ability to implement your ideas

GOALS — the outcomes you want to create in your business in terms of reach, revenue, and results

PROFITS — the money side of your business that includes sales and cash flow

SUCCESS — the success you want to create for yourself and your business using my High Vibes Wealth™ method

This is the aspect of your business where customers connect to your products and services, and where your planning yields the results and revenues you need. You get the full spectrum of what to do and how to do it efficiently, effectively, and with expert ease.

The SOUL Energy Channel

The Soul Energy Channel of your business is the heart, passion, and service side, where your spirit, integrity, and commitment to your purpose and platform shine brightly. This includes your

GIFTS – the unique qualities you bring to your customers that includes your unique energy signature, your experience and expertise

PURPOSE – your soul mission of service to your customers that is reflected in the products and services you offer

SOUL — your unique soul energy that shines through your work and the energy you bring to your customers.

While the Strategy Channel is important to your business operations success, the Soul Energy Channel is where your customers connect with the meaning and relevance of your purpose, products, and services.

Startup Mode

You’re a beginning entrepreneur and need tools and information to give your startup the ‘right start’. Your focus is on:

  • Establishing your cash flow platform so you can be profitable and meet your life, lifestyle & business needs
  • Creating your online presence
  • Building your list and client base
  • Create your first product and services
  • All of the legal, technical, and process resources to manage your business
  • Easy marketing and sales systems that help you become confident with launches, promotions, and offers.

The GPS Business Academy Cash Flow to Profit Mastermind  is the affordable, expert choice for startups and restarts.Click here to sign up and get started

Growth Mode

You have been in business for two or more years and have reached an income/client plateau. You are ready to scale up your business, grow your list and customer base, and expand into new possibilities. Your focus is on:

  • Cash Flow Audit to establish benchmark, capitalize on unused opportunities, and close revenue gaps
  • Diversifying into new lines of business and active & passive revenue streams
  • Introducing new technology to streamline your business processes
  • Adding team members and professional services
  • “Raise your reach without raising your rates™”

The GPS Business Academy Growth Mastermind provides a higher level of support with strategies and tactics designed for the mature business owner.
Click here to get started.

Empire Mode

 You have at least $500K in annual revenues and are ready to branch out into new avenues of business, speaking, events, and step onto the world stage. Your focus is on:

  • Advanced marketing and revenue generating systems
  • Hosting different kinds of events to connect with your customers
  • Exploring new avenues for your talents and skills
  • Attracting new audiences while maintaining existing customers
  • Creating strategic partnerships, attract investors, and become a leader in your industry

Expand your platform across lines of business, become an icon in your industry, advanced marketing and partnership strategies to increase revenues, visibility, and deepen expert status.  Click here for more details and to get started.


About Jennifer Hoffman

I believe that entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise are the new models for business and the economy, and my goal is to provide useful, relevant, affordable, and practical services to help micro business owners, entrepreneurs, and mid-range to large businesses expand their reach, provide programs and services that showcase their gifts and purpose to the world, and generate revenues and profits that meet their needs.

My methods and processes are grounded in the experienced reality of what it takes to start and run a successful business and I offer the scope of  my professional knowledge, business education, expertise, and experience, as well as my exceptional intuitive skills and energy awareness, all grounded in the desire to help people achieve their life goals by starting and running a business that is fun, profitable, and authentically aligned with who they are, their mission, message, and aspirations for the business that fuels their dreams and meets their financial needs.

With business degrees in Finance, Economics, and Business Administration, 25 years of corporate experience, and 15 years as a successful entrepreneur, I have the education, expertise, and experience to provide business training that meets the needs of everyone from entrepreneurs and start-ups to seasoned business owners. As a technology expert and internet pioneer, my business training includes how to use today’s technology to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

And as the leading voice in the self awareness, self empowerment, and energetic transformation movement since 2003, in addition to being the world’s most accurate intuitive master and Energy Savante™,  I also provide tools to manage the spiritual side of business success, providing a platform for authentic, soul-centered business management and  leadership. All of my programs include my ESP™ (Energy, Soul & Purpose™) training to inspire confidence, energy wealthset™, and purpose-based living.

Find out more about me at and email me at support at enlighteninglife dot com with any questions.

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